Ossoff has received six-figure support from Planned Parenthood

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With one week until the April 18 election, several special interests are coming out of the woodwork to support or oppose major candidates in the race to replace Tom Price. So far, we’ve seen big spending from the NRA, MoveOn.org, Club for Growth, and now, Planned Parenthood.

Recently filed Independent Expense Reports show that the Planned Parenthood Action Fund has begun spending six figures in order to assist Democrat Jon Ossoff. As reported on April 5, the abortion provider has already spent over $150,000 on direct mail and canvassing efforts to flip the Sixth District.

Ossoff’s campaign hasn’t shied away from supporting the controversial organization, either. In a March interview with Flippable, the Democrat hopeful said that he would be an “unyielding defender of Planned Parenthood.

His campaign manager, Keenan Pontoni, also confirmed as much during a speaking engagement with the University of Georgia Young Democrats.

“We say right out that we’re going to protect Planned Parenthood. He says no to repealing Obamacare,” said Pontoni, according to the Red and Black. “That is a hard stance to outfront take in a district that has historically voted Republican.”

Indeed, a 2014 Gallup poll found that the majority of Southerners identify as pro-life. However, most of Ossoff’s campaign funds haven’t come from Georgia, or even the Southeast.

Of $8 million that Ossoff reported raising so far, only 95 percent came from Georgia donors. At least $500,000 came from California and $400,000 was given from New York.


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