Ga. Senators support Syrian airstrikes

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On Thursday, President Trump ordered a series of airstrikes against a Syrian airbase in response to a chemical attack that killed dozens of men, women, and children earlier in the week. Following news that 59 Tomahawk missiles struck the base, Georgia’s U.S. Senators spoke out in support of the action.

Thursday evening, Trump said the response was in the “vital national security of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.”

“Assad is a tyrant and his chemical weapon attack against innocent civilians this week was beyond inhumane,” Senator David Perdue said. “This will not be tolerated. After six years of inaction by the Obama Administration, I am glad to see that President Trump is willing to stand up for these innocent victims and stop those responsible for this violence. I commend our brave servicewomen and men who are carrying out this vital mission tonight.”

Sen. Isakson, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, shared a similar response.

“I salute the brave men and women of the U.S. military who conducted these operations tonight. President Trump’s decision to strike the Assad regime’s air base where chemical weapons were deployed against the innocent people of Syria earlier this week sends a clear signal to the world that war crimes such as these will not be tolerated. I support the president’s swift and decisive action to punish this dictatorship for the atrocities committed.”

Trump’s order against Syria marks the first major military action of his presidency.

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