Conservative PAC doubles down on Ossoff’s Al Jazeera connection

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Democrat Jon Ossoff has been reeling this week from a Washington Post fact-check article that gave him a “Pinnochio” for embellishing his national security background. Now, he’s also facing a new wave of attacks from Republicans over his business relationship with Al Jazeera.

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a Super PAC connected to top GOP officials, has already poured over $2 million into ads aimed at revealing Ossoff as dishonest and “hiding the real truth.”  In a new web ad, they’re re-emphasizing his dealings with the Qatari-owned network.

“Al Jazeera: A media outlet that has been described as a ‘mouthpiece for terrorists’ has been paying Jon Ossoff thousands of dollars,” the ad states. “But Jon refuses to tell voters exactly how much he’s received. Just like Jon refuses to tell voters the truth about his experience.”

“What is he hiding? How can we trust him?” the spot asks in conclusion.

The video is set to begin running online today.

Financial disclosures released in March show that Ossoff has received at least $5,000 in the past 12 months from Al Jazeera.

Ossoff’s campaign has not responded to questions about exactly how much his business, London-based documentary film company, Insight TWI,  received from Al Jazeera, though 11 out of 18 films featured on his company’s website were made on behalf of the network. Of those, 9 have been produced since Ossoff took the helm.

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