Betty Price featured in ad urging CD-6 to stay red

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Dr. Betty Price isn’t standing aside while Democrats funnel money into flipping her husband’s House seat. Just over a week away from the special election to replace Tom Price, she has taken part in a radio ad urging Republicans to head to the polls.

“On April 18th, be sure the vote Republican for Congress. The stakes in this election are high,” Price says in the spot. “Nancy Pelosi and her out-of-state, out-of-touch liberal cronies will go to any extreme to win our congressional seat in order to advance her liberal agenda of bigger government, higher taxes, and a weaker military.”

“It is critical to vote now for one of our great Republicans,” she adds.

The ad is being paid for by the Congressional Leadership Fund, a conservative PAC that is pouring $3 million into defeating Democrat Jon Ossoff.

“Georgians in the sixth district deserve a representative who advocates on behalf of their values, not on behalf of Nancy Pelosi and her out-of-touch, failed liberal policies,” said Courtney Alexander, CLF spokeswoman. “Pelosi thinks she can buy Georgia’s sixth district seat, but voters will reject her record of higher taxes, more spending and a weaker military.”

Betty Price had once been considered a top candidate to replace her husband after he was selected to join Trump’s cabinet as Health and Human Services Secretary, though she ultimately decided against a run for the post.

You can check out the ad below.

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One Response to Betty Price featured in ad urging CD-6 to stay red

  1. Sara Huff says:

    Dear Dr. Betty Price.
    It is Dr’s like you & Tom that have abdicated your oath to your profession. I do believe that it says : First , do no harm. Take a good look at
    the numbers of people in Georgia, who suffer & have died, because of his work here & Dr’s like you, that support your own interest over that of the people.
    As a retired RN with 50+ yrs of practice, & most of that in Mgmt of Operating rooms, I have seen first hand what those beliefs have created.
    Shame on you for condoning poor or no healthcare not only for our state, but for our nation.

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